A game-changer to understand people.

Fernando Galon
Human Resources Manager, EasyTranslate

“The most important part on the path to success for any organization are employees. However, most companies are unaware of the underlying values of their employees, the factors that motivate them and the skills to be utilized. By using Platypus we were finally able to understand our people and what they value the most. It was a game-changer for us to improve our internal processes to increase engagement and employee happiness."

Fernando Galon
Human Resources Manager, EasyTranslate

Less assumptions, more data.

Nina Elisabeth Carøe
Head of People & Culture, Dixa

“Using Platypus data we were able to switch our focus from social events to more emphasis on teamwork as it is what is important to our people. We went away from assumptions towards making data-driven management decisions."

Nina Elisabeth Carøe
Head of People & Culture, Dixa

Find what matters to employees.

Stine Pi Halmid
People & Culture Lead, Rainmaking

“Platypus gives us an interesting snapshot of what matters to our employees - what they appreciate about our work environment and which factors we should focus on maintaining or improving. For recruiting, knowing job applicants’ priorities is a great kickstarter for a conversation on how a candidate will fit into a team and how they can be a valuable contribution to our culture."

Stine Pi Halmid
People & Culture Lead, Rainmaking

Understand your culture

Get to know what your employees value the most across the entire organization.

By comparing and tracking changes over time, Platypus will provide you with a culture map that gives you actionable insights to back your people decision-making.

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Know who to hire

Optimize your hiring process by comparing candidates’ values and how they add to your culture.

By finding the right match, Platypus can help you create a thriving environment for every employee and reduce your turnover.

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Uncover what really matters

Get feedback from every employee on your company’s performance based on what they value the most.

Data from Platypus will help you identify the areas that need attention to ensure employee retention.

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Bring a data-driven approach to culture

Ensure employee retention
Keep your talent by knowing what they value the most
Real-time data
Keep track of every aspect of the talent lifecycle as it evolves
Targeted culture impact
Gather feedback from across the organization and act accordingly
Hire faster
Save time by selecting best culture add to join your team
Reduce hiring cost
Minimize your spend on the HR and recruitment processes
Avoid the risk of mishire
Recognize a cultural misalignment before it's too late
Get smarter about who joins your team.

is the minimum cost of a mishire


of new hires will drop out within 18 months


of mishiring is due to cultural misalignment

Source: Leadership IQ Study

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