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As the only 3 in 1 Culture Operating System and now with the addition of Connect, we’re excited to announce that we’re migrating to a new pricing model. We believe all organizations should experience the power of data on culture for free. But why?

We feel that every company should prioritize culture and put their people first

With over 25 years of collective experience in the HR and Recruitment industry, Co-Founders Dan and Nico, noticed a gap in the recruitment space. Culture. It’s thrown around as a buzzword but has little verification. They were frustrated with the system; the false employer branding and how culture is always used as an objection to candidates - “it's not a cultural fit.” 

Without actionable data on culture, it’s biased and nothing more than a leverage for selling a company into candidates. This is a problem, and the reasoning behind why 89% of new hires fail because of cultural and interpersonal factors, not skills.

Our tool was built as a solution to the dilemma. 

Platypus helps to create honest interactions between companies and their current and future employees, as well eliminating false employer branding. Organizations can use the platform to define their culture by measuring what’s important to their people and applicants.

Whilst our newly launched add-on Connect, was built to completely transform recruitment processes. The feature provides companies with a pipeline of culturally aligned candidates. Saving both time and spend whilst reducing the risk of mis-hire. 

Company culture is not decided by an organization but by its people

Platypus empowers companies to give their employees a voice, allowing each individual to define the shared culture of a workplace. Whilst Connect aims to bridge the gap between candidates and companies, connecting businesses to culturally aligned job-seekers. 

This objective data on culture provides companies with tangible insights into their current and future workforce, allowing HR to:

  • Strategize on hiring plans
  • Build a diverse and inclusive workforce, aligned to their company’s mission
  • Get insights on what their employees value to improve retention and satisfaction
  • Understand what their applicants truly value to create an improved and personalized candidate experience
  • Streamline processes, optimizing spend and time

A pricing plan that fits our mission

Platypus is not another engagement tool or skills based assessment platform. We’re in a market dominated by HRIS, employee surveys, and similar technologies. But we’re defining cultural operations as a separate category.

The long-term vision for us at Platypus is to become the operating system for culture. We aim to be the main B2B2C provider of expert talent recommendations, based on authentic culture data.

We hope to create the biggest pool of live culture data globally, to improve the matching process for organizations and individuals. Providing companies with access to values-driven, engaged candidates that are aligned with their culture. 

To achieve this mission we are changing our pricing model. We will now offer our Platform for free for 12 months. After 12 months there will be the option to choose from two different subscription options: a free forever light version and a paid version for the full platform. We will be releasing more details on this over the coming months.

We believe all businesses should have the opportunity to understand and define their culture to build happier, stronger and high-performing teams. 

Understand your company’s culture and optimize your hiring processes now. 

Get started for free.

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