Illustration by Lara Borovcic-Kurir

On 27th February, we hit our third birthday! Three incredibly exciting years of innovating, growing and prioritizing culture.

It’s been a wild and fantastic ride with a lot of highs and lets be real, of course the odd bump in the road, but that’s start-up life with the pandemic thrown in, right.

What feels really great is that our mission is still going strong: to be at the centre of a future of work that’s based on more equal and more honest interactions between organizations and people.

From an idea born out of Co-Founders Dan and Nico’s frustration with the recruitment space, to a successful product with over 70 customers and a team of 25 behind it. We’re beyond excited for the road ahead. 

We couldn’t have made it here without support and encouragement from our investors, incredible customers and the Platy community out there. So, we want to say a huge thank you for everyone’s continual support over the years!

Here’s a few of our highlights:

  • Growing from a team of 2 to 25 with team members across 12 nationalities
  • Getting awarded as finalists for the Diversity and Inclusion Product of the Year in the Golden Kitty Awards
  • Successfully launching Connect, our cultural matchmaking tool. Helping both job-seekers and organizations to build meaningful connections based on shared values
  • Helping over 70 customers globally to understand their company culture 
  • Moving from our cosy office space in CEO Nico’s basement into our bright office by the beach in Amager
  • Migrating to a freemium pricing model to allow all businesses the opportunity to understand and define their culture to build happier teams

So here’s to the last three years! We can’t wait to see what the next three bring! 

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Marketing Manager

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