Capturing company culture may be tricky. But what it really comes down to is a specific set of values that employees adhere to. Platypus helps you to identify 12 core values to better understand and measure what your company culture is all about.

Gather data from every employee to learn how they align with your company culture. Compare what different teams and departments value (and don’t value) to get a full picture of what’s truly important to your people.

Platypus allows you to track changes in your company culture at every stage of the talent lifecycle, from hiring to management to retention.

Insights into how employees' values evolve over time will help you back your people decision-making and identify the areas of your company culture that require the most attention.

Hiring processes are lengthy - and costly! Research shows that 46% of new hires are willing to leave their employer during the first 18 months on the job. On top of that, 89% of mishiring happens due to cultural misalignment.

Learn how candidates' values add to your current team culture and find your purple squirrel for any given open positions.

Use data on what is truly important to candidates to ease and guide your conversations during the hiring interviews.

Culture is constantly changing whenever someone joins or leaves the organization. Check-in on how satisfied your employees are with the company’s performance as your culture develops.  

Assess your company's performance in the areas that individual employees value the most. Only by identifying where your company could improve will you be able to make a lasting impact - and thus ensure employee retention.

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