No more assumptions about your company culture

Gather data from every employee to measure the people-culture dynamics across teams and departments.

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Getting to the bottom of your company culture has never been so important

Company culture is one of the main reasons why 65% of people stay with their organization (Glassdoor, 2019).

Get a full picture of your employees’ true values

Compare what different teams prioritize (or don’t) to get an overview of what’s truly important to your people.

Track how your culture evolves over time

Insights into how values evolve will help you back your people decision-making and identify the areas of your company culture that require the most attention.

How to understand your cultural dynamics


Map out your company culture by gathering data from every employee.


Apply filters to slice and segment data on your company culture.


Use the timeline to track changes in what your people prioritize.

A game-changer to understand people

Fernando Galon
Human Resources Manager at EasyTranslate

“The most important part on the path to success for any organization are employees. However, most companies are unaware of the underlying values of their employees, the factors that motivate them and the skills to be utilized. By using Platypus we were finally able to understand our people and what they value the most. It was a game-changer for us to improve our internal processes in order to increase engagement and employee happiness.”

Fernando Galon
Human Resources Manager at EasyTranslate

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