Close the gap between attraction & retention.

Reduce the workload on both recruitment and HR by using data on cultural alignment to hire talent more likely to stay.

Platypus has 3 features that use cultural insights to improve alignment and engagement at all stages of the talent lifecycle.

Increase the value of every employee


of people won’t apply for a role unless their values are aligned with those of the company*


of new hires that fail to do so because of cultural and interpersonal factors, not skill**


higher revenue per employee in highly engaged organizations***

*Mission & Culture Survey 2019 - Glassdoor. **Why New Hires Fail - Leadership IQ. ***State of the American Workplace - Gallup.

Data on culture
Track satisfaction
Recruit for alignment
Connect with candidates

A data-driven culture strategy

Everything you need to know about what's driving your company culture. Use the Culture Comparison feature to monitor what employees value, dig into subcultures of individual teams, and tailor your people strategy to what's critical to people's satisfaction.

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Know what to prioritize

The best feedback is the one you know how to act on. Run surveys targeted to what's critical to people and get feedback that tells you which initiatives will have the biggest impact on satisfaction and retention.

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Unbiased culture assessments

Know what kind of culture candidates will thrive in – and compare that to the reality of the team you're hiring for. Improve your candidate experience by giving candidates the information they really want: Insight into the culture they’ll experience.

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Discover aligned talent

Transform your hiring process by discovering new candidates whose values align with your departments. Save valuable time on searching for the right profile and put energy into creating high-performing, happier teams.

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