Tracking your culture can be tricky.
It doesn't have to be

Platypus helps you effortlessly assess your company culture across your full talent lifecycle, from attraction to management to retention.

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Get real-time data, make a targeted cultural impact

Keep track of every aspect of the talent lifecycle as it evolves.

Begin by understanding your people

Get to know what your employees value the most across your entire organization. By comparing and tracking changes over time, Platypus will provide you with a culture map that allows you to back your people decision-making.

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Know who to hire and minimize your risk

Optimize your hiring process by comparing candidates’ values and how they would add to your culture. By finding the right match, Platypus will help you to create a thriving environment for every employee and reduce your turnover.

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Set your priorities based on what really matters

Get feedback from every employee on your company’s performance based on what they value the most. Data from Platypus will help you identify the areas that need attention to ensure employee retention.

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Take time to reflect on your core values

At Platypus we are not keen on personality tests and one-time engagement surveys. Instead, we invite people on a journey to reflect on 12 work-related values to assess alignment with your organization.

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