Minimize the risk of mishiring

Here’s how. Prioritize your candidates by focusing on the most optimal culture add.

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Be smarter about who joins your team to reduce your spend

Employee turnover can cost your company up to $50k per employee, and as high as 200% of the base salary for highly-skilled roles.

Level up your hiring process by finding the best culture add

Assess how well candidates fit your organization and find your purple squirrel for any open position.

Know which questions you need to ask

Hiring process is costly and lengthy! Use data on what is truly important to candidates to ease and guide your conversations during interviews.

Ensure the most optimal cultural alignment

Value reflection

Learn about candidates’ core values by sending a quick, interactive questionnaire.


Compare and shortlist candidates based on your teams’ cultural preferences.


Use your company and candidates’ data to forecast changes in your team culture.


Know what questions you should ask to your candidates to get to know them better and assess their cultural add.

Find what matters to your candidates

Stine Pi Halmid
People & Culture Lead at Rainmaking

“Platypus gives us an interesting snapshot of what matters to our employees–what they appreciate about our work environment and which factors we should focus on maintaining or improving. For recruiting, knowing job applicants’ priorities is a great kickstarter for a conversation on how a candidate will fit into a team and how they can be a valuable contribution to our culture.”

Stine Pi Halmid
People & Culture Lead at Rainmaking

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