Good culture starts by understanding your employees

Learn how satisfied your people are with things they value the most, so you can keep them happy and engaged.

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Focus on what really matters to your employees

Cultural misalignment is one of the main reasons why people decide to leave their employer. This is why understanding the cultural gap is key to retain your talent.

Get a satisfaction pulse posing a single question

Culture is constantly changing whenever someone joins or leaves the organization. Check in on how satisfied your employees are with the company’s performance as your culture develops.

Focus on what’s really important to your employees

Only by identifying what your company could improve on will you be able to make a lasting impact and ensure employee retention. Assess your company’s performance in the areas that your employees value the most.

Capture any red flags—and celebrate all-clears


Get team-specific feedback on your company performance.

Quick assessment

Learn about and compare your employees’ satisfaction with the value priority in focus.

Taking action

Understand what company initiatives would help improve your employees' satisfaction.

Back your people decision-making with data

Nina Elisabeth Carøe
VP of People & Culture at Dixa

“Using Platypus data we were able to switch our focus from social events to more emphasis on teamwork as we discovered it is what is actually important to our people. We moved away from making assumptions towards data-driven management decisions."

Nina Elisabeth Carøe
VP of People & Culture at Dixa

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