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Every employee shapes your culture

Employees learn about their core values and voice what matters to them by creating their cultural footprint. This allows you to:

Prioritize initiatives with the biggest impact

Support your team’s specific needs

Make sure they are satisfied

Match candidates to team culture

Using Platypus data we were able to switch our focus from social events to more emphasis on teamwork as we discovered it is what is actually important to our people. We moved away from making assumptions towards data-driven management decisions.

Nina Elisabeth Carøe
VP of People & Culture at Dixa

Don't cure the fever. Prevent it.

Culture starts with what people bring to work. What they value and how that makes them act.

Tracking cultural drivers means knowing what’s guiding your culture and ultimately what's driving people's satisfaction.

Build your retention strategy on what drives employee satisfaction, before it's even an issue.

Get data on culture

You need the right data. Not just a lot of data.

Run employee surveys that help you pinpoint exactly which people initiatives will have the biggest impact.

With targeted surveys, you can see the difference between all employees and people who care deeply about an issue.

Get the data that will help you validate and prioritize your people agenda.

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