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Measuring your company culture can be tough, but what it really comes down to is a specific set of values that employees adhere to.

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When was the last time you asked your employees what is truly important to them?

Platypus invites you on a journey to discover what really matters when it comes to your work life.

A value-centric approach to company culture

When it comes to company culture, every employee matters. We have identified 12 work-related values, corresponding to 3 core areas of organizational culture, that provide you with unique insights into individuals’ needs and priorities while protecting their anonymity.   

Our algorithm maps out your culture at the team, department, gender and seniority level, and simulates cultural influence of potential or new hires during and after onboarding.

A holistic view of cultural alignment

Whether during the interview process, ongoing talent management or other HR initiatives, understanding the alignment between people and the organization at every stage of the talent lifecycle is key to your company’s success.  

We ask each employee and candidate to complete their Platypus Print: a visual representation of what they value within a company. The data is then aggregated to compare and predict how individuals’ values align with the company culture.

Backed by organizational behavior research

Dr. Florence Villesèche
Associate Professor & Director of the CBS Platform ‘Diversity and Difference’

“Platypus combines the innovative thinking of a start up with the insights from HR and organizational behavior research. All of this packed into a smart and user-friendly analysis tool. I am thankful for the stimulating collaboration and look forward to supporting their growth.”

Dr. Florence Villesèche
Associate Professor & Director of the CBS Platform ‘Diversity and Difference’

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