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Access candidates whose values match with those of specific departments in your organization.

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Grow your culture

  • Discover candidates with values that align with your departments to create well-functioning teams.
  • Extend employee lifecycles and improve retention by hiring those who are an optimal add for your company.
  • Use data to create a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Improve candidate experience

  • Get data on what motivates your candidates to find out if they’re the right fit at the initial stage, to avoid wasting anyone’s time.
  • Design tailored interviews with questions targeted to each candidate.
  • Create a positive experience by improving engagement and speeding up the interview process.

Hire for success

  • Reduce the risk of mis-hiring by discovering candidates that are aligned to specific teams.
  • Streamline your recruitment process and reduce both time and spend.
  • Expand your reach and reduce the pressure on your recruitment team, with candidates connecting straight to your departments.

3 steps to transform your hiring process

Check your matches

Discover candidates whose cultural priorities align with departments in your company.

Review candidates

Review a candidate’s Platypus Print to see what they would bring to your organisation and what they need in return to be happy at work.

Move to a job posting

Contact relevant candidates and add them to open job postings.

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